Empi Hybresis Start-up Kit

Empi Hybresis Start-up Kit
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Empi Hybresis Start-up Kit with three treatment modes in one patch, Hybresis combines the precise dosing of traditional dose controllers with the convenience of patch-only treatments. The Hybresis mode initiates a session of Skin Conductivity Enhancement that reduces wear times - allowing patients to move on to other physical therapy activities or leave the clinic.

Traditional Dose Controller and Lead Wires
The lead wires and cumbersome connections of traditional dose controllers are eliminated with the Hybresis wireless technology. It allows the Dose Controller to be mounted directly on the Patch - providing setup that is quick, easy, and efficient.

Traditional Patch-Only
The wear times and potentially unpredictable treatment results of patch-only iontophoresis systems have been significantly decreased with Hybresis. With the reduced wear times of Hybresis, treatment compliance can be improved.


- Enhanced treatment delivery and shorter patch wear times
- Flexibility through the proprietary Hybresis (hybrid), Standard, and Patch-only treatment modes
- 3-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement ensures predictable dosage
- One- to two-hour wear time to complete a 40 to 80 mA-minute treatment
- Bolus and maintenance dosage in one treatment
- Needle-free pain treatment
- Mobility and convenience of a patch
- Six pads per box

Hybresis Iontophoresis System Start-up Kit Includes:

1x Charging Station 199586-001
2x Dose Controllers 199587-001
2x boxes of Hybresis Patches 199589-001

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