Empi IF 3Wave

Empi IF 3Wave
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The Empi IF 3Wave 7110S is a digital, dual channel, interferential (IF) current device designed to pinpoint deep pain and comfortably deliver nearly 50 times the power of a TENS unit to safely and effectively: Modalities included in the IF 3Wave, are neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES), pulse direct current (PDC), and IF/NMES combination stimulation. The IF 3WAVE is used by a variety of patients, in conjunction with other forms of therapy, to treat acute and chronic pain, pain associated with interstitial cystitis, edema, muscle spasms, and increase muscle strength and retard muscle disuse atrophy.

The IF 3WAVE features an LCD user interface screen and easy to use push buttons as well as a compliance monitor for tracking usage of the device.

Treat Pain
Accelerate Rehabilitation
Reduce Edema (swelling)

With Empi IF 3Wave:
-Improve the care path with evidence-based outcome reporting and involvement of dedicated Empi service.

Reduce healthcare costs
by enabling increased compliance while reducing the cost of care to treat pain and disuse atrophy.

Accelerate recovery time
with three modalities allowing patient to use the device throughout the pain management and rehabilitation cycle.

Provide evidence-based outcome reporting With remote reporting capabilities, clinicians can help better manage their patients? care paths.


- Digital, dual channel, interferential (IF) current.
- Quantitative compliance data and reporting.
- Qualitative patient survey and reporting.
- Hands-on Empi service.
- Portable and lightweight.

Basic Specifications:

FDA cleared device for use in pain management.
IF 3Wave offers preset programs for treatment of IC Pain as well as, Low Back pain,
Neck Pain, Knee Pain, Shoulder Pain and Wrist Pain.

F3 Wave Kit Includes:

-IF3 Wave device
-User Manual
-Carrying Case
-Power Adaptor
-Belt Clip
-Charger/Modem Base
-Reverse Splitter
-Telephone Line Cord

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