Iontophoresis Systems

The Hybresis System gives you the power to deliver. It combines the precise dosing of traditional dose controllers with the convenience of wireless patch-only treatments. A 3-minute Skin Conductivity Enhancement significantly reduces wear times, improving patient throughput and providing increased convenience for patients. Just charge, activate and go.

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Empi Hybresis Dose Controller 199587-001
EMPI Dose Controller 199587-001 provides power to the Patch in just three minutes. Attach the Dose C..
Empi Hybresis Patches 199589-001
Empi Hybresis Patches are Disposable single-use Patch with internal batteries and current-limiting c..
Empi Hybresis Start-up Kit
Empi Hybresis Start-up Kit with three treatment modes in one patch, Hybresis combines the precise do..
Empi Hybresis Charging Station 199586-001
The Hybresis Charging Station is easy to use just click in and power up. Simply remove a wireless Do..
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