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Empi Hybresis Charging Station
The Hybresis Charging Station is easy to use just click in and power up. Simply remove a wireless Dose Controller whenever a Patch requires activation.
Empi Hybresis Dose Controller
The Dose Controller provides power to the Patch in just three minutes. Attach the Dose Controller to the Patch to begin the Skin Conductivity Enhancement preparing the area for effective treatment.
Empi Hybresis Patches
Empi Hybresis Patches are Disposable single-use Patch with internal batteries and current-limiting circuitry after three minutes, the Patch is powered to finish the treatment. Just remove the Dose Controller and let patients move on to other physical therapy activities. Review Hybresis Patches, Medical
Empi Hybresis Start-up Kit
With three treatment modes in one patch, Hybresis combines the precise dosing of traditional dose controllers with the convenience of patch-only treatments.